Scottrade Exposes Sensitive Info on 20K Businesses, Individuals

The compromise came when an MSSQL database containing sensitive information was inadvertently left exposed to the public. The file contained commercial loan application information of a small B2B unit within Scottrade Bank, including non-public information of individuals and businesses.

Infosecurity Magazine
April 6, 2017

Scottrade Hit by Third-Party Data Breach

Scottrade Bank recently acknowledged that an unsecured MSSQL database managed by a third-party vendor had exposed at least 20,000 customers' sensitive data, Salted Hash reports.

eSecurity Planet

The Case for Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral detection relies on observing the execution of a program, the sample, and inferring malicious intent based on those observations. This is usually done in a contained and instrumented environment like a sandbox, but can also occur during real time execution on a real end point host.

SC Magazine
March 27, 2017

Future of the SIEM

Current SIEM systems have flaws. Here's how the SIEM's role will change as mobile, cloud, and IoT continue to grow. How can SIEM, a multi-billion-dollar market around for many years, keep up as businesses adopt new technologies like cloud systems, mobile, and IoT? When it was invented, SIEM did exactly what organizations needed. Now their needs are more complex.

Dark Reading
March 22, 2017

More Than Half of SIEM Users Are Frustrated with Results

A recent survey of security information and event management (SIEM) users in 559 large organizations across the U.S. found that while 76 percent of respondents value SIEM as a security tool, just 48 percent are satisfied with the intelligence they get from it.

eSecurity Planet
March 10, 2017

China Releases First Cyberpolicy Paper

China Outlines Goals of State Run Internet in Cyberpolicy Paper

SC Magazine
March 3, 2017

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