Shadow Brokers Offer Monthly Service of SWIFT Info, Exploits and Nuke Data

The Shadow Brokers, they of the NSA hacking tools leak, have announced plans to institute a monthly subscription for new exploits.

Infosecurity Magazine
May 31, 2017

Shadow Brokers Dump Crowdfunding Ethical Questions

The prospect of monthly NSA cyberweapons leaks in new Shadow Brokers dump raised questions about the ethics of paying criminals for stolen goods.

Tech Target / Search Security

“Shadow Brokers” New Threat-as-a-Service Subscription

Bleeping Computer is among news outlets reporting The Shadow Brokers Announce Details About Upcoming Monthly Dump Service – its data-and-exploits-as-a-service for which the subscription price is approximately $28,000 per month.

Information Security Buzz

Shadow Brokers Prepares Zero-Day Subscription Service

Businesses may face an onslaught of zero-day attacks soon as the group that leaked the NSA exploits used in the WannaCry ransomware attacks prepares to release more stolen code.

Computer Weekly

Shadow Brokers Post Details of ‘Monthly Dump Service’

The Shadow Brokers in an online message Tuesday provided details on how interested parties can sign up for the $22,000 per month “dump service.”

SC Magazine
May 30, 2017

New Threats Emerge Using Same Exploit As WannaCry Ransomware

Cybercriminals are leveraging the EternalBlue vulnerabilities to launch a range of other attacks.

eSecurity Planet
May 22, 2017

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