Offensive Cyberweapons from Enemies may be Reengineered

The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency wants to isolate, study, customize and reengineer malware from adversaries to be used as its own offensive cyberweapons.

Tech Target / Search Security
August 21, 2017

UniCredit Hacked: 400,000 Accounts Compromised, Data Exposed

UniCredit reported a series of data breaches carried out by hackers that may affect nearly a half-million of the company’s customers

International Business Times
July 27, 2017

‘NotPetya’: Latest Ransomware is a Warning Note From the Future

This week’s “NotPetya” malware attack on Windows systems has, depending on who you believe, either spread like a devastating cyber-pandemic or amounted to an over-hyped flash-in-the-pan.

IEEE Spectrum
June 30, 2017

Massive Malware Outbreak: More Clever Than WannaCry

Rapidly Spreading 'Petya' Malware Variant Has an Appetite for Destruction

ISMG Network
June 28, 2017

Global Petya Ransomware Attack Spreading Quickly

Petya ransomware is spreading rapidly across the globe, in an attack that is reminiscent of the May 2017 WannaCry incident, multiple news sources are reporting.

SC Media
June 27, 2017

New Global Cyberattack Locks Up Networks, Hits Europe Hard

For the second time in a little more than a month, a global ransomware attack on Tuesday slammed businesses around the world.

McClatchy DC

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