Latest Sony Pictures Breach : A Deadly Cyber Extortion

Authors: Abhijit Mohanta and Palaniyappan Bala Third Attack On Sony – The Most Severe So Far This is the third time on public record that Sony fell victim to Cyber […]

December 6, 2014 by Abhijit Mohanta

Ransommail: Ransomware Mobile Twist With Blackmail

We have all read about the cryptolocker malware that encrypts the victim’s data and then ask for ransom money for helping to decrypt the data; We have also heard many […]

November 27, 2014 by Paul Kimayong

CVE-2014-4114: Sandworm is not a WORM

Cyphort Labs received an in-the-wild exploit for the CVE-2014-4114 vulnerability that was patched by Microsoft on October 14.

October 20, 2014 by Nick Bilogorskiy

iWorm The First OSX Bot To Use Reddit For CnC: Expect Mac malware to surge

Historically Mac OS users felt safe, as their systems were not targeted as much by malware in comparison to Windows systems.

October 7, 2014 by Nick Bilogorskiy

Malvertising @Scale using Zedo Ad Network

Outside of Point-of-Sale malware a hot topic in recent days has been malvertising.

September 24, 2014 by Nick Bilogorskiy

Parallels among the three most notorious POS malwares attacking U.S. retailers

POS stands for ‘Point-of-Sale’ as in the Point of Sale devices used by retailers at check out stands worldwide.

September 19, 2014 by Marion Marschalek

Israeli Security Think Tank Website Compromised And Serving Sweet-Orange Exploit Kit

Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs serving Sweet-Orange Exploit kit

September 5, 2014 by McEnroe Navaraj

Windows meets industrial control systems (ICS) through HAVEX.RAT – It spells security risks

Since the first report on Havex RAT’s involvement with Industrial Control Systems (ICS) emerged last month, ICS operators were reminded to what extent malware authors will go to intrude their systems.

July 30, 2014 by Marion Marschalek

Cyphort detects surge in Ad Network infections, a.k.a. “Malvertising”

We recently noticed a surge where exploit packs are served from DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) websites using an Ad network called during the July 4th long weekend.

July 22, 2014 by McEnroe Navaraj

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