Dark Reading published an interesting article recently, highlighting a growing conundrum facing many large organizations today.  That is, the pace of investments in cybersecurity solutions is being constrained by the availability of skilled technical resources available to deploy and manage security solutions.  More specifically, while Gartner is projecting cybersecurity spending to reach $113B by 2020, ISC2 is projecting that there will be 1.8M openings for skilled positions in cybersecurity that will go unfilled by 2022.

At Cyphort, we completed our own research earlier in 2017, engaging with nearly 1,000 enterprises across the US to better understand how customers balance their strategic challenges of security and staffing.   What emerged from our research was that, for many organizations, the biggest security/staffing challenges were in the SOC (Security Operations Center), where security analysts and incident responders were often understaffed and overwhelmed by the complexity, noise, alerts, and wasted time sifting through data generated each day by their SIEMs.

Turns out, these security teams often spend hours and hours each day looking for the one malicious needle in a haystack of non-critical data. Wasted time means wasted money.  So that leaves two options:

  • Hire more trained SOC staff to triage all this data faster and keep pace with potentially malicious attacks on their network.  Unfortunately, with nearly zero available talent, more staff does not appear to be a viable option. And certainly not cost-effective.
  • Apply more advanced threat analytics and automation to the raw data before security analysts ever get involved, so that SOC teams can focus on actionable threat insights.  That means improved productivity, stronger security, and reduced (or eliminated) need for more staff.

Cyphort recently launched the Anti-SIEM to focus specifically on Option 2. The Anti-SIEM is an advanced software platform combining automated threat detection, analytics, and mitigation to strengthen security–AND to save significant time and money in the process.

To give you an indication of the time/cost savings available with the Anti-SIEM, we’ve developed a new Cost Avoidance Calculator. This online tool allows you to enter the average time required for seven specific tasks that are part of the normal incident response process. Once you’ve done that, you’ll immediately see the time savings available with Anti-SIEM analytics/automation. Just as important, you’ll see how these productivity gains translate to cost “avoidance” by not having to hire additional staff for these tasks. The specific cost savings is calculated based on a comparison of the time required by the Anti-SIEM to perform each to these seven tasks.

We encourage CISOs, SOC managers, and IR teams to check out this tool and give us your feedback!